A better back seat solution for bringing your dog along for the ride

Absorbent, holds dirt and sand, easy to install and remove, comfortable and attractive. Let us show you the new way to protect your seats while traveling with your dog. Need to include a human passenger? No problem! Car Pet can be folded in seconds so your guest can travel in a normal seat without having to sit on a dirty dog surface.

It's not a sheet of canvas or polyester, a towel, a blanket, or a mat, it's Car Pet!

  • Functional and Comfortable

    Unlike other back car seat protectors, Car Pet holds in dirt and absorbs liquids so they don't end up all over your car. Car Pets fibers are soft and comfortable for your pet and easier to grip, so along with the non-skid backing your pet will feel more secure on the go.

  • Easiest to install, move, and clean

    No straps or buckles, just throw it over your back seat and you're ready to go. Easy to clean- just pull it off the seat with one hand and shake it out, or throw it in the laundry for deep clean.

  • Professionally designed

    Our specially formulated materials are ultra high heat resistant and machine washable, so your Car Pet stays in great shape for years.

Car Pet vs. Canvas/Polyester