About Us

Emily and Ted moved back to their home state of Maine in March of 2020 and soon added a 8-week-old Australian Shephard puppy, named Uhtred, to the mix.

Working from home and living on an Island, they were bringing “Uhdi” everywhere with them and their SUV was quickly getting destroyed. They searched online and asked friends what they used to protect their back seats from dogs covered in mud, sand, or snow. There only seemed to be one option out there- a large canvas and polyester strap-ins which looked like more of a pain than they were worth.

Emily and Ted tried everything- blankets, towels, standard canvas covers but nothing worked well. Then, one day, they found an old, oversized bathmat while cleaning out a closet and decided to try it out.

The overall concept worked perfectly! The bristles on the bathmat collected the dirt and sand that came off Uhdi’s fur and soaked up the moisture when he was wet. He loved lying on it so much they would bring it inside so he could lay on it while they watched movies. The best part was that they could take it out and shake it out in seconds which made it extremely easy to keep clean and install. The only problem with the bathmat was that it was not the right size to fit the seat and it had all kinds of warnings on it about exposing to high heat. This is not a huge problem for Mainers, but for someone in Arizona in the summer it would be.  

On a drive back from a ski weekend in Sugarloaf USA they decided this was it. They were going to create heat resistant Car Pets and bring them to the market so dog lovers everywhere could travel more easily with their pets and bring them along for the ride!